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I have built a couple of houses and I have been in network marketing for half a lifetime. The matching experience of all that is "built to last" is significant and striking - You need a plan, the desire to do it and persistence and dedication to finish!

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Proven Recipe

Browsing through information on the internet you realise pretty quickly that lots of the information you come across only looks good at first sight. In German we have a saying that “there may be skeletons in the cupboard” which means that even if a room looks nice something unpleasant might be hidden somewhere.

Let’s give information a closes look. You might see, actually screaming at you “we build your downline for you” or “spillover will fill your matrix” or “you need not make contacts” and many others in that line. You can simply classify all of them as marketing tricks. It triggers the “lottery nerve” in people’s brains, the lazy bone and the belief that miracles do happen.  If somebody feels like wanting to play the lottery, well that’s definitely up to them yet the statistical probability of winning it is staggering – I forgot the number - was it once in 2013 years or so – something like that. So of course I wonder how can anyone consider any offer which can be likened to lotteries seriously as a source of income?

Well – miracles do happen, but your own mindset and attitude + effort has a great deal to do with it. The law of attraction certainly works, yet unless you let it happen by creating the required mindset it will remain just a potential. A potential which was never drawn into life.

It is work, work of self development to finally achieve the right mindset for attraction and as a rule people require support to achieve it and support of course again means being in touch with people, grabbing a helping hand, participating in a mastermind group and lot more.

Let’s now consider “The Proven Recipe”: In tune with building a house let’s look at making concrete, to have something which you can actually touch. To make concrete you need 3 ingredients: Water, gravel and cement. Now let’s assume you have highly energised well water and the most beautiful marble gravel and you put it all into a stainless steel mixer with a designer shovel only you only take a teaspoon full of cement and add it…will you get concrete? No way! To make concrete which carries and is suitable for statics you need to mix the ingredients in a defined ration like – 6 shovels of gravel and 2 shovels of cement  with half a bucket of water – to state just an average. People who have the specialised knowledge will be able to give you the precise details for the various applications.

How come, when looking at business and in particular  a home business or network marketing,  everybody seems to feel they can do business successfully in  a happy go lucky way which not even touches on a proven recipe. And there are even those who look at a proven recipe and then think it to be too complicated and still do it in a different way or even rewrite it that it cannot even be recognised as a recipe any more.

Network marketing is a business which can be easy when the rules are observed, yet it takes following the proven recipe to the dot, the first step being: when you want to achieve more you have to become more. In a team of experienced mentors you will be able to go through the process in a straightforward way. Be happy for their input and see it as constructive help rather than criticism and simply walk along and do what the recipe requires you to do and

you will spread your wings and fly.

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Four Biggest Mistakes YOU Make With People

Same as you can make grave mistakes when building a house you can make grave mistakes in dealing with people. There are all sorts of training around and many courses and recommendations, yet few of them actually get down to the essence. Basically there are four different types of personalities !

  1. You probably have developed a methods which permits you to get along with people, but you are aware that not everybody responds in the way you would like it. To get best results in business as well as your personal life, you need to adapt your approach  to their personality type. Basically there are 4  different  types of personalities to which you have to adapt. This may sound complicated, but it is easy once you know it. The results will be proof  enough!

  2. Too many people in business have their main focus on their product/service. They memorise colours, shapes, ingredients, they are “haunted” by the idea of having to become experts at it. They can even tell stories of miracles and longevity and a lot more. No matter how much time people spend there - that stuff doesn't mean ANYTHING!!!!! What is critical to your long-term success and happiness in life / business is the relationships you build. You need to focus your effort on building these long-term relationships! Unless you do it,  you really do not have a clue what you are doing.

  3. May be you spend your time worrying about what other people might be  thinking about you, when most people aren't thinking anything about you at all. They're wondering what you're thinking about them! Hm. So once you know this life is fun and stress-free. Your mind is free for what counts in life! 

  4. Next, YOU need to listen. Most people are not aware that failure to listen is what's holding them back in their life – private as well as business. Your mind is continuously busy, over charged with all that floods in. You just wait for the moment, when the other person makes a pause in speaking and you can jump on them with your own offer/thoughts. That is your only focus! You HAVE to tell them about it. Just to be polite you'll let them fit in a word,  yet what they say is lost on you. Your want to tell people what YOU think, this is what counts for you.

Can you see the difference - the need to learn how to listen intently and without an agenda, so that people will be happy to communicate with you? Feel free to be in touch! The story below will make it more obvious:

A group of researchers made a test one day. they placed on of their group, let’s call him Mark, next to a manager on a long distance flight. It was Mark’s task to  communicate with his fellow passenger. All he did, was asking the man a few questions. After the plane had landed an other person of the research team approached the manager and asked him if he had had a pleasant flight. He replied cheerfully, that he had had the most pleasant flight and that he had had the most charming fellow passenger next to him!  He just loved that somebody had listened to him!

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Heart For People


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Start with a Plan

Whatever you want to accomplish in life - start with a plan! You are not sure if this is true? Well - let's investigate the example of a house.

Have you ever considered how a house is being made? Do you think someone buys a plot, buys unspecified building materials and then just starts using them hoping the outcome will be something one can consider at least to be similar to a house?

No - after buying a plot the measurements of the plot have to be taken, including any slopes, etc. It has to be determined where the sun rises and goes down, as we of course want the make use of the sun to have a lovely living room.

Next you have to determine what you need in a house - how many bed rooms, bathroom, how big the kitchen will have to be and which kind of heating/air conditioning owuld be suitable for where you are. Once these basic parameters are fixed you either make a plan yourself and have it checked by someone who understands the topic or you have to go to someone straight away and hand over your information so that a plan will be drawn up.

When everything is clear and to your liking the building starts. To make sure your house will outlast you need well dimensioned and proper foundations - it wil take a while to place them and people passing bye will not see much - they may even comment on it and wonder why nothing is happening - yet you are informed and aware that good foundations are a necessity. Once they are done the house can be built fairly quickly and things obviously move.

I am sure you will agree to what I have just outlined - well let's relate this to business as a next step. Also in business the planning and foundations have to be solid and sound. There is no business where you can develop a solid income, which starts without thought and without preparation and learning. Of course it will happen that "people who just pass bye" will comment on it and say - well what sort of a busines sis it you are doing - you are not making an ymoney yet - I am sure that's nothing worth while.....
Without a solid plan and knowledge of where you want to go you may be distracted by such an opinion. Yet when you have done things well, set up a proper plan and procedure, you will not be distracted by any such unqualified comment. You know what you are doing and you couldn't care less about "opinions".

Let me tell you one thing: it is the mediocre minds who speak about people and it is the briliant minds who speak about ideas and plans!


A Mentor with a Heart for People!